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End Iranian and American Garment Coercion in Sports and GamesPublic Discourse, Feb 4, 2019

Allow nuns as U.S. military chaplains, Washington Post On Faith, Apr 8, 2013

The hijab hurdle in sports, by Jennifer S. Bryson and Sajda Ouachtouki, Contending Modernities, June 17, 2011

Gandhi, Campus Sexual Assault, and U.S. Advocacy of Women's Rights Abroad, Sep 8, 2014

Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University, The Public Discourse, Mar 19, 2014

Arranged: Happily Wholesome in a Brooklyn World, The Public Discourse, Nov 9, 2010. Do modern "diversity" and "tolerance" have room for the modest dress and headscarves of devout Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women? Review of the film Arranged.