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What Pope Francis Believes Makes America Great, The Hill, May 23, 2017

Why Americans Should Care about the Uyghurs , The Public Discourse, Sep 5, 2018.


Rainbow Soccer Jerseys Don't Reduce Harassment. They Provoke It, The Public Discourse, Jun 18, 2018


US Soccer’s Rainbow Pride Jerseys Exclude and Divide, The Public Discourse, Jun 13, 2017


What Pope Francis Believes Makes America Great, The Hill, May 23, 2017


Handshakes, Islam, and Religious Tolerance in the West, The Public Discourse, Jun 20, 2016


Charlie Hebdo and #MuslimApologies, The Public Discourse, Jan 8, 2015


Austria's Troubling Quran Law, The Public Discourse, Nov 4, 2014


Stanford, Marriage and Abortion Controversies, and the Mission of a University, The Public Discourse, Mar 19, 2014


Terrorism Triangle in Boston, The Public Discourse, Apr 23, 2012


Allow nuns as U.S. military chaplains, Washington Post On Faith, Apr 8, 2013


Princeton's Robert George and Islam, Muslim Matters, Apr 9, 2012

All American Muslim: An Open Letter, Dec 15, 2011 by Robert P. George and Jennifer S. Bryson, posted at First Things


My Guantanamo Experience: Support Interrogation, Reject Torture, The Public Discourse, Sep 9, 2011.  Update: Jennifer has become a signatory to the Human Rights First October 2014 statement by interrogators and intelligence professionals against torture.


Promote Democracy: Start at Home but Don't Stop at Home, The Public Discourse, Aug 29, 2011


Pornography and National Security, The Public Discourse, Aug 12, 2011


The hijab hurdle in sports, by Jennifer S. Bryson and Sajda Ouachtouki, Contending Modernities, June 17, 2011


A blessing for Muslim-Catholic dialogue, Contending Modernities, Jan 24, 2011


No Such Thing as a “Muslim World”, The Public Discourse, Nov 17, 2010


Religious Respect and Civility a 2-way Street, The Philadelphia Inquirer, by Jennifer S. Bryson and Robert P. George, Sep 12, 2010. Commentary on "Ground Zero mosque"/Park51


Christians Must Reject "Burn a Quran Day," Washington Post "On Faith," Aug 27, 2010


How Jihadist Education Breeds Violence, The Public Discourse, Mar 26, 2010


Muslim “Leaders” Adding Fuel to the Swiss-Minaret-Ban Fire, The Public Discourse, Jan 15, 2010


How to Stop the Next Detroit Bomber, The Public Discourse, Jan 05, 2010


Don’t Forget Religious Freedom, The Public Discourse, Nov 17, 2009


Who Defines What Islam Is? The Public Discourse, Sep 11, 2009


Obama’s New Beginning in Cairo: Now He Needs One in Washington, The Public Discourse, Jun 05, 2009


Obama, Muslims, and Religious Freedom, The Public Discourse, May 19, 2009


Freedom in Muslim Countries: An Endangered Species, The Public Discourse, Mar 27, 2009


Hillary Clinton, Public Diplomacy, and the Middle East, The Public Discourse, Jan 20, 2009


Will Islam in Germany lead to Mufti Merkel?, The Public Discourse, Dec 12, 2008


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