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Egypt's anti-atheism law would be an anti-honesty law, Jan 6, 2018


Religious Freedom Includes Right to Say “You Are Wrong,” the case of Salem Abdel Gelil in Egypt,

May 11, 2017 


Holy Mary in a Bikini? #BurkiniBan, Aug 16, 2016


Should the German Government Regulate Language of Religious Rites? Aug 10, 2016


Muslim-Catholic Solidarity in DC after Murder of Fr. Hamel, Jul 31, 2016


German Muslims Defend Religious Freedom, Support Constitution, May 23, 2016


Germany Trying to Squeeze Round Mosques into Square Church Structures, May 12, 2016


Muslims Call Religious Freedom "Religious Freedom," Apr 13, 2016


Muslim Opposition to Pakistan's Blasphemy Law, Nov 10, 2015


Islam, Religious Freedom, and Getting the Word Out,  co-authored by Areej Hassan, Oct 8, 2015


Does Islamic Theology Matter When Conflict Is (Mostly) Political?, Jul 17, 2015


State Department Discovers Religion, 2015 QDDR, Apr 29, 2015


Need for “Sufficiently Profound Responses” to Religion-Related Violence, Apr 28, 2015


When Christians Kill and Destroy but Also Make Peace, CAR Today, Mar 20, 2015


Abu Zayd: Face terrorism with thinking, not fragility, in religious discourse, Jan 7, 2015


America’s Torture Treaty, Dec 12, 2014


Into the Heart of Poverty and Terrorism: Horses of God, Dec 3, 2014


Interrogators Against Torture, Oct 25, 2014


Countering Violent Extremism Needs Local Focus, Oct 23, 2014


The Daesh Caliphake and Why They Resemble Marxist-Leninists, Sep 30, 2014

"ISIS" Bans Art and Literature, We Should Promote These, Sep 16, 2014


Gandhi, Campus Sexual Assault, and U.S. Advocacy of Women's Rights Abroad, Sep 8, 2014

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