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What A Muslim Family’s Chair for the Pope Teaches Children about Catholic-Muslim Relations, The Public Discourse, Aug 31, 2017


Reclaiming Peace by Love, The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, Sep 23, 2014


The Reluctant Mullah, Altmuslimah, Mar 10, 2014.


Love's Biblical Alternative to Interfaith Diagloue, The Public Discourse, Dec 12, 2013


My Isl@m's Quest for Truth, The Public Discourse, Jul 29, 2013


What Fiction Can Tell Us about Afghanistan, The Public Discourse, Apr 12, 2013


Review of Arab Society in Revolt: The West’s Mediterranean Challenge. Peace & Stability Operations Journal Online, January 2013, Issue 3, Volume 2, pp. 27-28.


Faith confronts culture in "American Dervish," Contending Modernities, Aug 7, 2012, Review of the novel American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar


Review of God's Century: Resurgent Religion and Global Politics by M. Toft, D. Philpott,and T. Shah in Marine Corps University Journal, Spring 2012, pp. 119-121


Civility 101: do unto otters, Contending Modernities, March 11, 2011. About Do Unto Otters: a book of manners by Laurie Keller


American Identity and the Challenge of Islam, Contending Modernities, Dec 22, 1010. Review of Journey into America: the challenge of Islam by Akbar Ahmed


The Moral Impossibility of Ignoring Fanatics, The Public Discourse, Sep 1, 2010. Review of the novel The German Mujahid by Boualem Sansal


Islamists Killed Tahar Djaout: We Should Give Life to His Ideas, The Public Discourse, Jan 16, 2009. About the novel The Last Summer of Reason by Tajar Djaout

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