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Monks in Algeria: loving thy neighbor at gunpoint, Contending Modernities, Mar 1, 2011. Review of the film Of Gods and Men


"Mooz-lum": faith flourishing in freedom, Contending Modernities, Feb 17, 2011. Review of the film Mooz-lum


Arranged: Happily Wholesome in a Brooklyn World, The Public Discourse, Nov 9, 2010. Do modern "diversity" and "tolerance" have room for the modest dress and headscarves of devout Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women? Review of the film Arranged.


Four Lions: The Absurdity of Terror, The Public Discourse, Oct 11, 2010. Review of the film Four Lions.


What Does it Mean to Respect Islam?: The Witness of Soraya M., The Public Discourse, Jun 26, 2009. Review of the film The Stoning of Soraya M.

Film Reviews

Islam: Obsession Reorientation, The Public Discourse, Nov 11, 2008. Review of the film Obsession.

Play Reviews

Unveiled by Rohina Malik reviewed at The Washington Post, On Faith together with AnnElizabeth Konkel in On July 4th, cherishing precious religious freedom.

Madah-Sartre: The Kidnapping, Trial and Conver(sat/s)ion of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir


by Alek Baylee Toumi reviewed at The Public Discourse in Sartre Debates an Islamist.

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