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Honour Able

3-minute film about an American company making sports hijabs and modest sports attire for women.

Directed by Bess Blackburn, Produced by Jennifer S. Bryson

Does Islamic Theology Matter When Conflict Is (Mostly) Political?, Jul 17, 2015

Abu Zayd: Face terrorism with thinking, not fragility, in religious discourse, Jan 7, 2015

All American Muslim: An Open Letter, Dec 15, 2011 by Robert P. George and Jennifer S. Bryson, posted at First Things


A blessing for Muslim-Catholic dialogue, Contending Modernities, Jan 24, 2011


No Such Thing as a “Muslim World”, The Public Discourse, Nov 17, 2010


Religious Respect and Civility a 2-way Street, The Philadelphia Inquirer, by Jennifer S. Bryson and Robert P. George, Sep 12, 2010. Commentary on "Ground Zero mosque"/Park51


Christians Must Reject "Burn a Quran Day," Washington Post "On Faith," Aug 27, 2010


How Jihadist Education Breeds Violence, The Public Discourse, Mar 26, 2010


Muslim “Leaders” Adding Fuel to the Swiss-Minaret-Ban Fire, The Public Discourse, Jan 15, 2010


Don’t Forget Religious Freedom, The Public Discourse, Nov 17, 2009


Who Defines What Islam Is? The Public Discourse, Sep 11, 2009


Obama’s New Beginning in Cairo: Now He Needs One in Washington, The Public Discourse, Jun 05, 2009


Obama, Muslims, and Religious Freedom, The Public Discourse, May 19, 2009


Freedom in Muslim Countries: An Endangered Species, The Public Discourse, Mar 27, 2009


Will Islam in Germany lead to Mufti Merkel?, The Public Discourse, Dec 12, 2008

Film Reviews


Monks in Algeria: loving thy neighbor at gunpoint, Contending Modernities, Mar 1, 2011. Review of the film Of Gods and Men


"Mooz-lum": faith flourishing in freedom, Contending Modernities, Feb 17, 2011. Review of the film Mooz-lum


Arranged: Happily Wholesome in a Brooklyn World, The Public Discourse, Nov 9, 2010. Do modern "diversity" and "tolerance" have room for the modest dress and headscarves of devout Muslim and Orthodox Jewish women? Review of the film Arranged.


Four Lions: The Absurdity of Terror, The Public Discourse, Oct 11, 2010. Review of the film Four Lions.


What Does it Mean to Respect Islam?: The Witness of Soraya M., The Public Discourse, Jun 26, 2009. Review of the film The Stoning of Soraya M.

Islam: Obsession Reorientation, The Public Discourse, Nov 11, 2008. Review of the film Obsession.

Book Reviews




What A Muslim Family’s Chair for the Pope Teaches Children about Catholic-Muslim Relations, The Public Discourse, Aug 31, 2017

Into the Heart of Poverty and Terrorism: Horses of God, Dec 3, 2014

Reclaiming Peace by Love, The Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture, Sep 23, 2014


The Reluctant Mullah, Mar 10, 2014.


Love's Biblical Alternative to Interfaith Dialogue, The Public Discourse, Dec 12, 2013


What Fiction Can Tell Us about Afghanistan, The Public Discourse, Apr 12, 2013

Silenced: How Apostasy and Blasphemy Codes are Choking Freedom Worldwide by Paul Marshall and Nina Shea in The Review of Faith and International Affairs, 2013.


Faith confronts culture in "American Dervish," Contending Modernities, Aug 7, 2012, Review of the novel American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar

Civility 101: do unto otters, Contending Modernities, March 11, 2011. About Do Unto Otters: a book of manners by Laurie Keller


American Identity and the Challenge of Islam, Contending Modernities, Dec 22, 1010. Review of Journey into America: the challenge of Islam by Akbar Ahmed


The Moral Impossibility of Ignoring Fanatics, The Public Discourse, Sep 1, 2010. Review of the novel The German Mujahid by Boualem Sansal


Islamists Killed Tahar Djaout: We Should Give Life to His Ideas, The Public Discourse, Jan 16, 2009. About the novel The Last Summer of Reason by Tajar Djaout




Anti-Semitism Among Islamists in Germany, translated by Jennifer S. Bryson, 2019 report by the German government. Hudson Institute, May 2019.

Academic Publications



Book Chapter

“Peace Tendencies in Islamic Theology” in Violence in Civil Society: Monotheisms Guilty?, edited by Alexandra Vanney.  Hildesheim: Gregory Olms Verlag, 2013, pp. 87-98.

Encyclopedia Entries

“Peace in the Quran,” War and Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict, ABC-CLIO 2017, pp. 643-644.

"Terrorism and Religion," War and Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict, ABC-CLIO 2017, pp. 790-791.

Multiple entries on Islam in Religious Violence Today: Faith and Conflict in the Modern World, ABC-CLIO 2020.

Book Reviews, academic journals


Review of Confronting Political Islam: Six Lessons from the West’s Past, by John M. Owen IV. (Princeton University Press, 2015) in The Review of Faith and International Affairs, December 2015, pp. 95-96.

Review of Arab Society in Revolt: The West’s Mediterranean Challenge. Peace & Stability Operations Journal Online, January 2013, Issue 3, Volume 2, pp. 27-28.


Review of God's Century: Resurgent Religion and Global Politics by M. Toft, D. Philpott, and T. Shah in Marine Corps University Journal, Spring 2012, pp. 119-121

Articles, academic journals

“Toward a Muslim Marketplace of Ideas,” The Review of Faith and International Affairs, vol. 9, no. 2, Summer 2011 issue on Islam and Religious Freedom, pp. 1-2.

Play Reviews

Unveiled by Rohina Malik reviewed at The Washington Post, On Faith together with AnnElizabeth Konkel in On July 4th, cherishing precious religious freedom.

Madah-Sartre: The Kidnapping, Trial and Conver(sat/s)ion of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir by Alek Baylee Toumi reviewed at The Public Discourse in Sartre Debates an Islamist.


Honour Able

A 3-minute film about an American company making sports hijabs and modest sports attire for women.

Directed by Bess Blackburn, Produced by Jennifer S. Bryson

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